Financial Specialists

Mainland Bendigo was established in 1998 by Pauline Schintler. The office has successfully operated for over 15 years under the guidance of Pauline and Geoff Schintler and become a major introducer of business to a broad range of finance providers.

The business has progressively grown in regional Australia with offices in Bendigo and Port Macquarie, with further plans to continue to grow and develop the business.

Mainland Bendigo has been—and always will be—committed to regional and rural Australia.

Regional Australia has always had a creative history of innovation.  Seasonal issues and confronting circumstances require diligent application.  This is an area where we belong and have proven over time to be specialists.   Australia is great at Agriculture our productivity has significantly improved which provides optimism and opportunities.

Small and medium business is an important contributor to regional Australia.

Often described as the “engine room” of the economy, small and medium business owners (SME) are large employers and therefore vital contributors to the general well being of our economy.

Mainland Bendigo has a large and diverse client base of (SME’s) and we pride ourselves assisting in the growth and success of these important commercial ventures.

At Mainland Bendigo we realise that business in rural Australia will continue to provide great opportunities, and as a result, acknowledge there will be a constant demand for capital and finance.

By being part of the communities we serve, Mainland Bendigo is perfectly poised to help contribute to a vibrant and growing business sector.