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Commercial, business or rural property acquisitions are the single most significant business decision you make that directly affects your future. How you finance these acquisitions
are as important as the acquisition itself.

At Mainland Finance Bendigo we have the right personnel with excellent commercial experience to fully understand the complexities of the commercial and business lending industry.

We have proven ourselves as a trusted finance partner for many of our business clients and we have saved many business operations thousands of dollars undertaking a review of their current finance position.

Our Service

How often do you get to know your bank manager and then he moves on? It happens all the time.

This is not the case at Mainland Finance Bendigo. We provide continuity, reliability and the flexibility. Three of the most important aspects of commercial lending.

Circumstances change, economic conditions alter, seasons vary, interest rates move and all of these may occur quickly. You need to be able to talk to the right person who understands your business when these situations occur.

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